MISP 2.4.51 released including new features and many bug fixes.

August 29, 2016

A version of MISP has been released: 2.4.51 including many new features, bug fixes and improvements.

  • New Internal MISP sync mode to allow a set of MISP instances belonging to the same organisation to replicate data (useful when a single organisation has multiple MISP instances).
  • Enhanced internal STIX export to better handle bulk exports.
  • Added X.509 certificate authentication for MISP synchronisations.
  • Many fixes and improvement in misp-modules handling.
  • MISP Correlation has been sped-up.
  • warning-list loading improved.
  • Default role option added.
  • Inline screenshot functionality
  • Many other fixes.

We strongly recommend to also update your misp-modules installation.

Thanks to all the contributors.

For more details check the Changelog.