Periodic summaries - Visualize summaries of MISP data

September 12, 2022

Periodic summaries - Visualize summaries of MISP data

As of version 2.4.162, MISP includes a periodic summary feature allowing users to consult a summary based on a requested time-frame for data the user has access to.

Currently, the summaries can be generated for 3 different periods: daily, weekly and monthly and then sent to all users that subscribed to one of these periods.

In addition to letting users subscribe to a period, they can also specify filtering options such as tags or distribution levels to be applied when generating the report.

Periodic summary Periodic summary

Viewing summaries

There are currently two ways to view a periodic summary:

  • In the MISP ui, click on the View periodic summary link when browsing events
  • Subscribe to one of the available period and receive the summary directly in the user’s mailbox

[admin] Automatic delivery

In order to have MISP send periodic mails, the periodic notification task should be scheduled. One of the easiest way to do it is to use CRON jobs.

For example, this entry could be added

0 6 * * * /var/www/MISP/app/Console/cake Server sendPeriodicSummaryToUsers >/dev/null 2>&1

The sendPeriodicSummaryToUsers should be called daily and takes care of sending the summaries to every users that subscribed to the daily notification.

For the weekly and monthly periods, they will be sent on Mondays and on the first day of each months respectively.

More details about setting the scheduled task and the CLI tool can be found in the automation page (/events/automation).

[admin] Extending / Overriding

Site administrators of MISP can also extend, replace or remove parts of a periodic summary.

The notification templates can be found under the app/View/Emails/html folder. Each template extend a parametrized common template allowing site-admins to customize the summary to fit theirs needs.

For example, the default monthly notification template is configured to only include a subset of the detailed summary section.

Options and developer documentation can be found in the notification_common.ctp file.

Changes and improvement since MISP v2.4.163

  • Bug fixes
    • Data collection and aggregation give more accurate results
  • Changes
    • Improved UI and data visualization
    • Decaying event base_score has been replaced by decaying event score effectively computing the score of each event based on their last_modified timestamp
  • New
    • Section New correlations showing the correlations that were created by the data considered by the report Periodic summary correlations
    • Section Report settings in user setting allowing users to customize the generated report. Customization include tags to be considered when generating trends, new correlations and trending period count allowing users to see trend over a longer time. Periodic summary period count
  • 2022-09-26 - Added changes and improvements from MISP v2.4.163.