MISP 2.4.177 released with various improvements and bugs fixed.

September 27, 2023

MISP 2.4.177 released with various bugs fixed and improvements.


  • [dev] added a shell script to generate the restsearch parameters.
  • [CLI] add command to expire active AuthKeys that do not have an IP allowlist set.
  • [cli] Add command to trigger password change on next login for users with old pw.
  • [Users] add last password change timestamp for users.
  • [workflowModules:event_distribution_operation] Added action module.


  • [tests] testing disabling the timestamp greater as old timestamp for password changes.

  • [tests] make em happy with re-including a filter parameter that worked before, albeit unintentionally.

  • [PyMISP] disable some tests.

  • [misp-stix] Bumped latest version.

  • [warning-lists] updated.

  • [PyMISP] Keep messing with tests.

  • [warning-lists] updated.

  • Check test files are there.

  • [version] bump.

  • [escaping] added to event ID.

  • Attempt to fix git clone from the test suite.

  • [feeds] change name to Community version.

  • [config:customAuth_header] Default to upper case.

    • See $_SERVER make passed headers upper case
  • [console:TrainingShell] Allow overriding existing user data.

  • [Console:trainingShell] Provide correct filters for wiping data.

  • [console:trainingShell] Added wipeUsers and wipeOrgs functions.

  • [posts:crud] Prevent read-only users to create posts.

  • [config:config.default] Disabled warning_for_all by default for new install.


  • [misp-stix] Bumped latest version with a fix on the file patterns parsing.
  • [tests] added some sleeps to avoid timestamps of follow up tests being within 1 second of the previous test.
  • [API] filter parameters added.
  • [PyMISP/CI] Disavle search logs for now.
  • [restsearch] parameters fixed.
  • [taxonomy] enable/disable creating junk taxonomies on invalid ID, fixes #9273.
  • [console:trainingShell] More typo in model name.
  • [console:trainingShell] Typos in model names.
  • [RestSearch] allow filtering on eventinfo for events and attributes.

Other improvements

  • Show object’s attributes if they are tagged.
  • Fix event graph tag scope view.
  • Fix event hyperlink in discussion view page.

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