MISP 2.4.188 released major performance improvements and many bugs fixed.

March 25, 2024

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of MISP 2.4.188, with major performance improvements and many bugs fixed.

New Features

  • Datasource Improvements:
    • Updates to some datasources with the ignoreIndexHint parameter (mysqlExtended, mysqlObserverExtended).
    • Fix for forceIndexHint.
  • Settings:
    • Added setting to temporarily disable the loading of sightings via the API (affects restsearch and /events/view endpoints). This helps with performance issues caused by large sighting data sets.


  • PyMISP:
    • Multiple version bumps.
  • Version and Internal Updates:
    • General version bump.
    • Improved error handling and marking BadRequestException as fail log in CI.
    • Attempt to fix a failing test.
    • Updated misp-galaxy, misp-object, and warning-lists.
  • Attribute Search Rework:
    • Significant performance improvement when using MysqlExtended or MysqlObserverExtended data sources.
    • Event level lookup moved to subqueries for faster queries.
    • Ignoring the deleted index to improve speed.
  • OpenAPI Updates:
    • Added content for analyst-data and event-reports.
  • Sighting Policy Support:
    • Added support of sighting policy in sightings:getLastSighting.
  • Attribute Search Performance:
    • Improved performance of includeDecayScore by a factor of 5.
  • Attribute Fetch Refactor:
    • Simplified conditions and optimizations.


  • Attribute Search:
    • Enforced unpublishedprivate directive.
  • Internal Error Handling:
    • Error handling improvements in AttachmentScan.
  • CurlClient HEAD Request:
    • Added CURLOPT_NOBODY for HEAD requests.
  • CLI and ECS Updates:
    • Fix for redisReady in dragonfly.
    • Change type from Exception to Throwable in ECS.
  • OIDC:
    • Default organization handling if not provided by OIDC.
  • Publishing and Sync Issues:
    • Fix for publishing and sync errors.
  • Performance Improvements:
    • Bulk loading of analyst data to speed up event loading.
  • UI Update:
    • Added MISP.email_reply_to to server config.


  • Multiple merges of branches and updates.
  • Fixes and changes in misp-stix, attachment scan error handling, OIDC default org handling, alert email titles, shadow attribute handling, and community additions (ICS-CSIRT.io).

Community and Contribution Updates

Details changes are available in Changelog.

MISP Professional Services

MISP Professional Services (MPS) is a program handled by the lead developers of MISP Project, in order to offer highly skilled services around MISP and to support the sustainability of the MISP project. This initiative is meant to address the policy requirements of companies/organisations requiring commercial support contracts. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need specific services.