MISP 2.4.194 released with new functionalities and various bugs fixed

June 21, 2024

MISP 2.4.194 released with new functionalities and various bugs fixed.

New Features

  • Bookmark Functionality:
    • Users can now create bookmarks.
    • Bookmarks can be shared with all users in the same organization.
  • Heartbeat Endpoint:
    • New /users/heartbeat endpoint.
    • Accessible without authentication; returns a 200 response to indicate the instance is operational.
    • Designed for quick checks to see if the instance is up and running.
  • Skip OTP Requirement:
    • New role permission to exclude certain roles from OTP requirements.
    • Useful for filtered, local service accounts.
  • Users API Update:
    • Added a new boolean field indicating whether TOTP is set up for the user.
    • Applicable to /users/view, /admin/users/view, /admin/users/index endpoints.


  • Various Version Bumps:
    • Updates for misp-stix, schema, PyMISP, warning-lists, misp-galaxy, and misp-objects.
  • Bookmark Improvements:
    • Added title documentation for the exposed_to_org field.
    • Enhanced quick search support for bookmarks.
  • ACL and Schema Updates:
    • Heartbeat added to the ACL component.
    • Updates to schema and mysql.sql.


  • Default Roles and Permissions:
    • Added delegation permission for sync user and publisher roles.
    • Readded default roles.
    • Fixed issues with PyMISP tests, default roles, and various editor and ingestion bugs.
  • UI and Functional Fixes:
    • Corrected event report markdown editor to display tags.
    • Included user agent in feed ingestion to address issues with specific feeds.
    • Fixed editing view for galaxycluster blocklist.
    • Readded missing org logo in the decaying model.
    • Corrected JSON response handling in the decaying tool.
    • Fixed object reference links for proper view refocus.
    • Corrected errors in the server edit view.
    • Fixed typo in bookmark description.
    • Adjusted default role settings in mysql.sql.
    • Updated local flag in EventTags to be boolean.
    • Corrected filenames in RHEL background worker migration guide.
    • Improved performance by increasing chunk size for sighting sync.

For a complete list of updates, please refer to the changelog pages. Many thanks to all the diligent contributors that ensure that MISP keeps improving rapidly!