MISP 2.4.55 released

November 22, 2016

A new version of MISP 2.4.55 has just been released, including bug fixes and improvements.

This release is a transient release before the galaxy release (TTP-like support) coming up soon.

The release includes various improvements such as:

  • Sightings are now a default enabled feature. Multiple UI improvements added to the sighting system.
  • The NIDS API export has been improved allowing the passing of filter parameters via JSON/XML payloads. The attribute type can now be also filtered on.
  • Bug fixes in the add user API.
  • Various bug fixes in the NIDS export including the addition of the missing domain|ip attribute type.
  • Multiple bug fixes.

We thank all contributors.

The full change log is available here.

Don’t hesitate to open an issue if you have any feedback, found a bug or want to propose new features.