MISP 2.4.124 released (aka the dashboard, auditing improvements)

April 6, 2020

MISP 2.4.124 released

A new version of MISP (2.4.124) has been released. This version includes various improvements including a new multiline widgets in the dashboard, auditing improvements and many bugs fixed.

Dashboard and widget improved

The dashboard has been improved along with a host of bugs fixed. A UI for the multiline widget has been introduced. Multiline Demo The new interface provides users a simple way to manipulate basic graph components. It includes legends, tooltips, auto-resize, clickable labels and a full support of the 2 most common x-axis: linear and time-based.

You can query the chart to see the delta between two datapoints by selecting the first then the last points. A summary will then be presented. Multiline delta between points

Finally, the widget styling is largely configurable. In addition to the time_format and the abscissa type, you can define other parameter influencing how the graph should be presented to the users Multiline Configuration sample

(auditing) Individual user monitoring

  • Site admins can set the monitoring flag on a user if the feature is enabled on the instance
  • Monitored users will have all requests logged along with POST bodies
  • Keep in mind this functionality is quite heavy and intrusive - so use it with care. The idea is that this allows us to track potentially malicious users during an investigation

New community CogSec Collab disinformation

MISP includes the possibility to advertise your MISP information sharing community, don’t hesitate to propose your community to gain some visibility. We added “The Cognitive Security Collaborative operates as a sharing community dedicated to information operations”.


COVID-19 MISP is a MISP instance retrofitted for a COVID-19 information sharing community, focusing on two areas of sharing:

  • Medical information
  • Cyber threats related to / abusing COVID-19

The information sharing community has a low barrier of entry, everyone can contribute and use the data. By default, the information is classified as TLP:WHITE for broader distribution and usefulness. For more information and joining the COVID-19 MISP community


We would like to thank all the contributors, reporters and users who have helped us in the past months to improve MISP and information sharing at large. This release includes multiple updates in misp-objects, misp-taxonomies and misp-galaxy.

As always, a detailed and complete changelog is available with all the fixes, changes and improvements.