MISP 2.4.170 released with new features, workflow improvements and bugs fixed

April 13, 2023

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of MISP v2.4.170 with new features, workflow improvements and bugs fixed.

It includes many improvement release of misp-stix, the core Python library for importing and exporting STIX (1, 2.0 and 2.1).


  • A new feature has been added to the “misp-workflow-modules” module. It is an event threat level if logic module.
  • The “workflow-module:send_mail” module now allows org admins to receive send_log_mail.
  • The “workflow-module:send_mail” module now allows all admins to use it.
  • The “workflow:tag_if” module now correctly compares cluster tags.
  • The “workflow-module:enrich_event” module now does not run enrichment if no filtered elements are found. If a filtering condition was set and no item were matched, the whole event was enriched. Now nothing happens.
  • The “workflow-module:tag_if” module now supports galaxy clusters. This fixes issue #8959.
  • The data type of the workflows.data column has been changed from TEXT to LONGTEXT in the “db:workflows” module. This should fix issue #8979.
  • The “workflows” module now requires misp-modules for email.

New security features

  • Improve security of the API authentication to pin IP in a single click.
  • Seen IP addresses per API key added.


  • Add support for a breakOnDuplicate named parameter on /attributes/add endpoint, default value is true which keeps the current behavior of throwing an error when the user tries to add duplicate attribute to an event. When set to false the endpoint will work as an upsert, updating the attributes timestamp and any other properties provided in the payload, no error logs will be written.
  • The “‘sharing_group_id’ doesn’t have a default value error” error when importing an OpenIOC file has been fixed.

Security fix

A huge thanks to all the contributors and supporters of the MISP project. This release wouldn’t be possible without the help of all the organisations and people supporting us to make MISP a reality.

Go to the detailed changelog for more details about the changes to the MISP core software.

Other updates and changes in the MISP project

MISP Objects and Relationships

  • New Greynoise-ip object.
  • [network-socket] Added MAC address attributes.
  • New relationships rewrite added.

For more details, the misp-object changelog is available.

MISP Galaxy

  • Sigma galaxy updated to the latest version.
  • Threat actor galaxies updated with new threat actors and improved.
  • Ransomware group updated to be inline with ransomlook.io.
  • Stealer galaxy updated.

For more details, the misp-galaxy changelog is available.

MISP warning-lists

  • New warning-lists added for Google Bot.
  • Updated warning-lists for all sources.

For more details, the misp-warninglists changelog is available.

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