MISP 2.4.174 released with major workflow enhancements, new features and fixes

July 31, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of MISP v2.4.174 with significant workflow improvements, accompanied by a host of quality-of-life enhancements and bug fixes.

General Improvements

  • [Authkeys] We have added a new setting that allows the mandate of IP allowlist for advanced authkeys, providing an extra layer of security.
  • [event:publishSightingsRouter] We have changed this from prio worker to default, resulting in better performance and reliability.

Sync Fixes and Improvements

  • [proposal] Sync fixes have been implemented, including the option to disable correlation/proposal to delete fields in the proposal index. This change ensures that the fields are included during pulls, preventing any discrepancies.
  • [proposal accept] The issue related to deletions has been fixed, ensuring smooth proposal acceptance.
  • [sightings] Now, sightings are only pushed via full push to avoid congestion, optimizing the syncing process.

Bug Fixes

  • [stix export] We have resolved issues related to empty inputs during STIX export, ensuring accurate and consistent results.
  • [taxii_push] The taxii_push script now correctly passes the standard MISP JSON format to misp-stix, avoiding any format-related problems.
  • [security] We now reset otp_secret on logout, enhancing security measures.
  • [authkeys] The admin read-only key is now allowed to access audit logs (#9191), improving access control.

These updates and fixes mark a significant step forward for MISP, delivering a more efficient, secure, and reliable experience for our users. We encourage everyone to upgrade to the latest version to take advantage of these improvements. For more details and to access the release, please visit MISP v2.4.174. Thank you for your continued support and feedback, which has been instrumental in making MISP better with each release. For a more detailed overview of the MISP workflows and various MISP submodules/projects improvement check below:

MISP Workflows improvements overview

We had the pleasure of being invited to participate in GeekWeek with the main objective of streamlining the identification of false positives and simplifying the process of building workflows. We developed new modules for both the enrichment and the workflow systems and introduced self-contained blueprints acting as building block to make the creation of complexe IoC curation pipeline feels like a breeze. In addition, this release includes numerous little UI/UX treats for the workflow system hoping to provide a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Overall, the following work was carried out:

  • 5 new workflows modules related to tagging enrichment & curation
  • 3 new enrichment modules to improve false-positive detection from different services
  • 9 new workflow-blueprints using the above module to make the curation of incoming data a simple task
  • Many quality of life improvements for the workflow editor interface

Curation blueprints

To give an idea of what these blueprints look like, let’s have a look at Flag false-positive tripping over warninglists.

Blueprint <code>Flag false-positive tripping over warninglists</code>

In few words, here what’s going on:

  1. The system integrates warninglist hits in the data
  2. Attributes having a hit on a warninglist of type false_positive are kept, the others are filtered out
  3. Depending on the configuration, the to_ids flag will be disabled or kept as is
  4. Tags are attached accordingly marking matching IoCs as false-positive

It should be noted that every curation blueprints are configurable in the sense that they might execute differently based on the tags (coming from the misp-workflow taxonomy) attached to the event. For example, if the tag misp-workflow:mutability="allowed"is set on the event, the workflow will modify existing data. This can be very useful for servers acting as a clearing hub or forwarding vetted data to other instances. While if the tag isn’t present, data won’t be touched and only local tags will be applied if needed.

Should you be interested to check the 9 new blueprints out, the complete list can be found here: https://github.com/MISP/misp-workflow-blueprints#curation-blueprints.

Workflow editor improvements

Now let’s have a quick look at the changes that have been integrated to speed up edition, simplify complex tasks and make things a little more intuitive.

Multiple values in filtering

Added support of two new operators Any value and Any values from, allowing OR condition in logic blocks.

UX improvement to help users to quickly insert blocks on existing connections.

Collapsible sidebar

UX improvement to support smaller screens.

Hash-path picker

UX improvement and helper tool to facilitate crafting complex hash path.

Frame nodes

UI feature to enable framing node that achieve a specific actions. Especially useful when using blueprints.

MISP Objects and Relationships

For more details, the misp-object changelog is available.

MISP Galaxy

For more details, the misp-galaxy changelog is available.

MISP warning-lists

For more details, the misp-warninglists changelog is available.

MISP taxonomies

  • Minor improvements in the cryptocurrency threat taxonomy and workflow taxonomy to support the new workflow features.

For more details, the misp-taxonomies changelog is available.


MISP-stix includes multiple improvements and bugs fixed.

For more details, the misp-stix changelog is available.

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