MISP 2.4.175 released with various bugs fixed, improvements and security fixes.

August 24, 2023

MISP 2.4.175 released with various bugs fixed, improvements and security fixes.


  • Added support of start_date and end_date options in the MISP dashboard widgets.
  • In the user periodic reporting, allow users to set the number of days to include in the reporting (UI).
  • In the MISP dashboard org Widget, added support for first_half_year and second_half_year timeframe.
  • New enrich object functionality added, in order to allow for the enrichment of a complete MISP object. Used by the SigMF module but this can be used with any expansion modules supporting objects.
  • New feeds added.
  • Improve the diagnostics when an instance does not have internet access or does not use the self-update feature

Bugs fixed

  • Update the CA bundle of the CakePHP submodule maintained by the MISP project.
  • IndexFilter: correct index page filtering is now fixed for ReST requets.
  • Prevent push_rules from being required in API requests to the /server/edit endpoint.
  • The annoying MISP event import bug from JSON has been fixed, you can now import MISP JSON events without the Event key.
  • Various fixes in the MISP dashboard interface.
  • Fix

Security fixes

  • CVE-2023-40224 <= MISP 2.4.174 - allows XSS in app/View/Events/index.ctp. (reported by BeDisruptive OSS Team)
  • CVE-2023-41098 <= MISP 2.4.174 - In app/Controller/DashboardsController.php, a reflected XSS issue exists via the id parameter upon a dashboard edit.

Thanks to BeDisruptive OSS Team and Centre for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB) for the reporting.

Also a huge thanks to all the contributors, reporters and helpers supporting the MISP project.

MISP Objects and Relationships

  • A new generic x-header object template has been created to add custom HTTP or SMTP headers easily.
  • SigMF object templates added.
  • Updated artifact object to better support STIX 2.1.
  • New malware and malware-analysis objects to better support STIX 2.1.

For more details, the misp-object changelog is available.

MISP Galaxy

For more details, the misp-galaxy changelog is available.

MISP warning-lists

For more details, the misp-warninglists changelog is available.

MISP taxonomies

For more details, the misp-taxonomies changelog is available.


MISP-stix includes multiple improvements and bugs fixed.

For more details, the misp-stix changelog is available.


  • Bug fix for updating sharing group.
  • Improved msg-extract function.

For more details, the PyMISP changelog is available.

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