MISP 2.4.178 released with many workflow improvements, enhancement and bugs fixed.

October 30, 2023

MISP 2.4.178 released with many workflow improvements, enhancement and bugs fixed.


  • [workflow] Added option to provide a custom JSON in the hashpath picker helper.
  • [workflow] New action modules (blocklist, warninglist, counter…) to add event in the blocklist.
  • [workflow] New trigger event before save.
  • [workflow] Various improvements in the quick hashpath filter.
  • [workflow] Improved webhook to support HTTP request method, headers, payload. It also now supports self-signed certificates.
  • [workflow] Many improvements in debugging and workflow logging.
  • [RestClient/OpenAPI] totp_delete added in query builder and API documentation.
  • [STIX upload] Improved in the galaxies handling including more detailed option while importing STIX 2 and creating galaxies/clusters.


  • [dashboard-widget:worldmap] Added support of custom scale in widget config.
  • [API even:restSearch] Added support of orgc_id as valid filter.
  • [Auditing] API access time is now stored once per hour by default.
  • [API] includeGranularCorrelations is now exposed in the event RestSearch.


  • [API] Add sharinggroup as an allowed parameter in attribute search.
  • [objects:edit] Restored behavior of upgrading object to newer template.
  • Many other fixes check the ChangeLog for detailed changes.

Other improvements

MISP Objects

  • New objects added such as cryptocurrency-transaction and many updates to other objects. For detailed changes, MISP objects changelog.

MISP Galaxy

  • Many new objects such as ammunition, firearms and many updates in threat actor, Sigma and many other. For detailed changes, MISP galaxy changelog

MISP warning-lists

  • Warning-lists updated to the latest version. New warning list with known hostname for lookup source IP of the DNS resolver. MISP warning-lists changelog.

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