MISP 2.4.192 released with many performance improvement, fixes and updates.

May 7, 2024

New Features

  • Security Enhancements:

    • Ability to disable TOTP/HTOTP when linked to an identity provider with strong authentication.
    • Introduced Fast API Authentication with temporary storage of hashed API keys in Redis to enhance endpoint performance.
  • Logging and Tracking:

    • Enhanced detailed tracking sent to Sentry as breadcrumbs.
  • User Interface Improvements:

    • Addition of missing views for analyst data to enhance UI functionality.


  • Performance and Functionality Improvements:

    • Updated CRUD operations to support afterFind in the delete function.
    • Removal of redundant UI elements and dependencies, streamlined distribution settings, and enhanced event view loading.
    • Upgraded warning lists, MISP galaxies, and MISP objects to the latest versions.
    • Simplified JSON structure updates and UI enhancements, including a nicer menu design.
  • Configuration and Security Settings:

    • Improved role management with OIDC and adjusted security settings to disable password resetting when changes are disabled.


  • Security and Stability Fixes:

    • Addressed various security concerns including fixing redirect loops, removing redundant security tests, and patching stored XSS vulnerabilities. CVE-2024-33855
    • Restored and fixed the Email OTP feature and ensured the proper functioning of external authentication.
    • Made several critical fixes in the handling of analyst data and UI operations, like pagination in logs and event view configurations.
  • Optimization and Error Corrections:

    • Fixed issues in SQL logs, benchmarking, and handling of event indexes related to tags and threat levels.

For a complete list of updates, please refer to the changelog pages.